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 Pyramid of Human Needs

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Our Holistic Planetary Blueprint Requires
Holistic Planetary Solutions

Another Way of Life and World is Possible

Human beings are Created to Invent, Create and Innovate in Complete Harmony with the Earth and the Earth's own Energies and Systems

"Do No Harm" is a Guiding and Key
 Principle in any Good, True, Beautiful and Right System












Observe in Nature that all aspects of Life have purpose and work through networks
 and create synergy that benefits each and all of the Whole.  Synergistic
 networks of life are found in the inner levels of life, such as in the
 Human body, and outer levels of life, such as the Ecology of
 the planet
and from the micro levels of life such as our
 blood capillaries and the sap in trees to the macro
 levels of life such as the solar system
 and the Universe itself.

Networks are therefore foundational to how Life itself works and
  are the path of least resistance to functionality and success,
 and at the same time, also synergistically supported to
 unbounded possibilities of success for one
 and all.


The character of Networks therefore exist in a Help Not Harm dynamic,
 where benefiting one, at the same time, benefits the Whole
 as one would think of someone or something as
 having SOUL. 

All Life, and every element of it, as they work synergistically
 in Networks therefore have soul, and if there is Soul,
 there is also consciousness

The Native Americans perceived the Planet itself, the Earth Mother,
 as having SOUL and One with them
, and in our modern terms,
the Planet is referred to as "Gaia"

In a Soul Network of many levels, we also find there is a
 "reaching down" in order to lift "the other up"

Nature Shows Us How it's Done on the Planet

One reaches down in order to lift the other up.

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother"

The nature of SOUL or network in the Help not Harm dynamic
 is naturally to extend itself for a hand-up in an EQUAL
 footing to itself (in contrast to hierarchical), in order
 that life too, may live and MAINTAIN itself
 in its full integrity.

We now know the TRUE dynamic,
  basis and operating principle of Life itself.


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