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     The Planetization of HumanityA Better Kind of Globalization      

Compassion has No Borders, Nor Boundaries, Nor Barriers
                    It is the Essence of All Life as We Exist Naturally as ONE

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Life Can Be More Intelligently
 Organized to Meet the Needs
 of All Human Beings

 Pyramid of Human Needs

Natural Health


Parts to the Whole

Money as the Creative Oil and
 Engine  for Unique Human
 Creativity and Purpose

Picking Up the Light of the True American
 Way and  Humanity's  Evolutionary
 Track and  Destiny Fulfilled

From a Slave Owners Economy to
 a Free Man's Economy

A Planet without the Politics

"Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth thrown in.
  Aim at Earth and you get neither"  C.S. Lewis

The Spiritual Component to
 Cleanse the Planet












When Corona is Baloney

Another Way of Life and
World is Possible

Human beings are Created to Invent,
Create and Innovate in Complete
Harmony with the Earth and the
Earth's own Energies
and Systems

"Do No Harm" is a Guiding and Key
Principle in any Good, True,
Beautiful and Right System











In Memoriam Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
 1973 - 2022

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U N I O N with our Creator

Our Holistic Planetary Blueprint Requires
Holistic Planetary Solutions

We live in a “Holistic” world Universe and System where everything, right down to the sub-atomic level, including us, and all Life, are connected and interconnected.  
Building a More Perfect Union 
Where War is Not
The word “Holistic” comes from the ancient Greek word “holos” which means “Whole.”

The definition of “Holistic” is essentially characterized by the comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the Whole.

In medicine, it is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental, social and environmental factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of the disease.

Our Planetary blueprint reflects the Holistic nature of all Life on the Planet.

On the level of quantum physics or the Universal level, through the interconnectedness of atoms, right through to the subatomic photon or “light” level, the reality is that we do exist as a Whole (with the Universe) and, at the same time, a Oneness with all Life as it connects not only Human, but on this beautiful blue Planet, the Animal and Environmental levels of Lifein the Whole and Oneness.

All Life therefore relates holistically, or through a holistic System where all are part of, and integral to the Whole.  At the same time, all exists through feeling, thinking, energetic and informational systems or fields that are in coherence with the over-arching invincible Universal unifying Law of Love. 

The Universal unifying Law of Love also exists as an invisible Cosmic intelligence, a
super intelligent, organizing force (of the fields) which expresses on Earth through the different realms of Nature—mineral, plant, animal, Human.

Martin Luther King, Jr. captured the unifying Law of Love on the spiritual level when he said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness:  only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate:  only love can do that."

The Universal Law of Love is also translated in our human world as the "help not harm" dynamic through love, caring, empathy, compassion, humanity, humaneness, altruism which is essentially hard-wired into all Life, and also what all Religions and great wisdom traditions teach as our ethical and moral way.

"There is no fear in Love;  but perfect Love, casteth out Fear" 1 John 4:18

Darwin Debunked

Our ethical and moral way is where each and all gives and receives through the Whole (our Oneness and interconnectedness as the natural way) where there is harm to none. 

In the holistic state of being, through the totally natural and holistic
System of the Universe, all Life is therefore given the natural right to exist and experience joy, wellness, health, happiness and abundance, as well as progress, i.e. conscious evolution for each and all—Human, Animal, and Environment—through their own natural expressions.

Through the Universal Law of Love, our natural right cannot be transgressed, therefore the concept of Justice is also part and parcel of the Universal Law of Love, where again, Martin Luther King, Jr. captured it perfectly on the spiritual level as, "Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice.  Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against Love."

Given the unifying Universal Law of Love, success with any solution on this beautiful blue Planet is through the HOLISTIC model (vs. the highly limited and limiting Mechanistic model) of looking at Life and reality.  

So let’s start creating and transforming our never-ending problems where there is a continual suffering of all Life on this HOLISTIC Planet to the Natural Way for each and all—because the dharma [natural purpose] of a Human being is to help not harm.

We Have a Great Planet, but a BAD WORLD
CHOOSE the Right World for Our Planet

With Soul

Without Soul

Because our World Has Become Increasingly Soulless, Destructive and Inhumane

Holistic World Model Vision

Holistic Planet Planetary Paradigm:

Sees All Life as Divine and Transcendent

Qualities:  Love, Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Gentleness

Cultivates Human Beings Toward the Moral Center of Their Higher Nature, i.e. Their Higher Selves or Divinity

Unleashes the Divine Potential  within All through a World Built on a Non-Usurious Economic System

The World of Freedom

The Positive and
The Natural

Left side of Tree is the Lush and Bountiful Reality of the Holistic or Humanistic World

A world where our actions do not hurt or harm Nature and the integrity of the Earth;

A world where health is viewed through the Holistic model of the human being
where the body is self-healing when given the right environment;

A world where we tithe to help and uplift all;

[Consider a 2.5% tithe vs a 35% tax
the former is for the upliftment of all; the latter for wars and debt;  The latter has bred gross and obscene corruption and destruction to all life everywhere.]

A world where small businesses and family farms thrive and flourish;

A world where all farming and industry is in harmony with the Earth;

A world where all science and technology is holistic and does no harm nor manipulation to the blueprint and natural forces of Life;

A world where the young are loved, nurtured and protected.

Mechanistic World Model
(Includes Malthusian / Darwinian Vision)

Planetary Paradigm: 

Reduces all Life to Simply
 a Mechanistic, Materialistic "Thing" for
 Use and Abuse

Qualities:  Brute Force, Destruction, Degeneration, Cruelty, Fear

Socially Engineers Human Beings Toward Their Lower Selves or Brute Nature

Has Geared the World Built for the Usurious Economic System

The World of Control

The Negative and

Right side of Tree is the Barren and Degraded Reality of a Mechanistic or Animalistic World

A world where our actions are continually hurting and harming Nature and the integrity of the Earth;

A world where the human body is viewed simply as a mechanism and a receptor for pharmaceutical drugs;

A world that taxes, is taxing on all and destroys the quality of human life and lives everywhere through war and debt;

A world where monolithic, monopoly business consumes our lives, our cities, our towns, our farms, our businesses and our  choices;

A world where farming and industry are cruel and destructive to all life;

A world where science and technology disrupts and destroys the life force of Life.

A world where the young are abused, harmed, killed and destroyed.

 The Starting Point to Progress on This Planet
 and to Progress This Planet


The Dharma Win-Win Project
 for the YOU Generation

Make This a Better Planet for All

Let's, as the more intelligent species, take responsibility and get ourselves aligned with Dharma or Natural Purpose and start helping all realms of Life on the PlanetAnimal, Human and Environmental levels.

Pick a realm, any, or all in turn, and make it yours.  Get creative for the solution.  The right (i.e. best) solution always exists in a win / win situation
not so much as a "hand out" but a "hand up" where nothing is harmed and all is helped.  Indeed, the reward is greater than YOU will ever know!

This is The Way


Where All Life Meets

and Thrives

All Life Responds to the Good Vibes of Care, Respect and Love

The Proof is in the Water

The 528 Hz Healing Frequency

More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” 528 hz resonates at the heart of everything.
 They find that sunshine, grass, trees and life in nature vibrates at 528hz. Let the Love play inside you.
528 hz frequency is said to heal and repair DNA.

Fruit Loves Mozart!
Plant Growth and Music

Natural Solutions Are the Right Choice
 to Both Create and Live By

Hemp the Planet's Own Natural Choice


Turn Third World Slums into Tender
 Loving Care (TLC) Villages

Transitions to the Holistic Planet

How to Break Up with Your Cell Phone

Ancient Aboriginal Healing Through Frequency





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